Winter is a great time for Chevy owners to get amazing savings. Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, or you are looking to save on service for your current vehicle, you can save big when you visit Pure Country Chevrolet. Here are some of the best ways you can save when you visit our dealership during the colder winter months.

Value Your Trade

Do you have a vehicle that you have been trying to sell? Are you interested in getting a new Chevy as an upgrade on your current vehicle? Either way, at Pure Country Chevrolet, we make it easy to value your trade so that you can get the offer you deserve for your vehicle. All you need to do is visit our website and fill out our secure Blue Book® Value form, and in just seconds you can get an accurate quote for your vehicle's value. Once you know how much you can get for your vehicle, you can sell it for cash at Pure Country Chevrolet, or trade it in for a discount on a new vehicle from our inventory.

Financing and Leasing

When trying to figure out the payment method for a new Chevy that best suits your budget, it is a good idea to know the difference between financing and leasing. When you finance a vehicle, you take out an auto loan to buy it and take immediate ownership of it. You then have to pay off the auto loan over time with interest added. When you lease a vehicle, you pay the dealership a monthly fee to drive the vehicle. When the leasing period ends, you can return your vehicle, trade it in for a new vehicle to lease, or buy it outright.

At Pure Country Chevrolet, we have plenty of offers for customers who want to finance or lease a new Chevy. To learn which leasing and financing offers could help you save the most, contact our Finance Center.

Holiday Maintenance

Winter is a great time to catch up on maintenance for your Chevy. Odds are that the past year has taken a toll on your vehicle, which makes it an excellent idea to bring your vehicle to our Service Center. Getting your brakes checked, replacing your wiper blades, checking your tire treads, and inspecting your battery are all excellent ideas.

At Pure Country Chevrolet, you can get seasonal discounts on essential winter maintenance, so that you can save money while ensuring that your vehicle maintains optimal performance on the road. You can also schedule service quickly and easily on our website. Don't hesitate to schedule service with our expert technicians, so that your car is ready for the winter.

Genuine OEM Parts

When you need new parts for your Chevy, it is important to get authentic OEM parts. OEM parts are the same parts that a Chevy vehicle has installed when it rolls off the factory floor. When you need Chevy parts that you can count on to be durable and reliable, OEM parts are always going to be a better bet than parts made by third-party manufacturers. Authentic OEM parts that you can find at Pure Country Chevrolet include:

  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Brake parts
  • Batteries
When you shop for parts at Pure Country Chevrolet, be sure to watch out for any special offers on the parts you need.

Save Money Today at Pure Country Chevrolet

No matter what you need at Pure Country Chevrolet, we find ways to help you save. To learn more about our inventory, Service Center, or financing and leasing, contact us today!

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